Angled bus extension for PCs

Angled bus extension for PCs: This 8-bit bus extension card for IBM PCs and compatibles allows you to connect and test insertion cards without having to open the computer. The printed-circuit board shown here is angled and has a 62-way slot connector to accept external boards.

The pins of the bus connector are soldered straight to the copper tracks at the edge of the board. Since the tracks on the extension card pass through the metal frame at the rear of the PC, it is recommended to insulate them locally with PVC tape. Also, for mechanical stability, the extension card must be secured to the frame with the aid of a support bracket.

Finally, take care to fit insertion cards the right way around in the slot connector of the extension card. If necessary, put the PC on a couple of books to create room at the underside.
Parts list
K1 = 62-way IBM bus slot connector

PCB Ref. 914030
Angled bus extension for PCs Schematic diagram

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