TDA7293 : High Power 120V/100W Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA7293 is an integrated monolithic Multiwatt15 package designed for audio amplifying purpose. It is being used in hi-fi application fields like self-powered audio speakers, stereo system, top-class TV. Having a high input voltage and high output current range it is capable of supplying highest power with both of 4-Ω and 8-Ω loads. The inbuilt muting[…]

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TP4056 Micro-USB Battery Charger Circuit Diagram

Introduction to TP4056 : TP4056 is a fully linear (constant current/constant voltage) charger for a single cell Li-ion/LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries. Its low external component count and small outline package make it perfect for portable applications. Additionally TP4056 is compatible with micro USB as well as adapter. Moreover it also has features like Automatic recharger,[…]

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Zener Diode Circuits & Applications

– a compact note or tutorial that covers the requisites of Zener diode or voltage reference diode applied in various PSU (power supply units) and other circuits. Zener diodes have diversity of uses in various circuits. The most trivial Zener diode is that when it is applied like a voltage reference component. Among the diversity[…]

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