power tester

Power Supply Tester

This little circuit enables you to measure the so-called dynamic response of a DC power supply. A power MOSFET, T1, is used to switch the supply load on and off at a user selectable rate. The response of the supply to these fast load variations is displayed on an oscilloscope. The switching rate is selected[…]

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Fuse Monitor

When an appliance ceases to operate, there may be various causes for this, one of which is the blowing of the mains fuse. The monitor proposed here contains an LED that lights when that is the case. It is suitable for use with fuses rated from mili-amperes to amperes. As long as the fuse is[…]

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Latest mini projects in electronics with circuit diagram

1. Circuit Diagram Of High Power Audio Amplifier In this tutorial “Circuit Diagram Of High Power Audio Amplifier” you will how to make an audio amplifier which you can utilize with any of your musical instruments like piano, gitar and with ipod and other devices? So, Lets begin the journey…. READ MORE     2.[…]

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Pulse Shaper

The diagram shows that how the four gates contained in a 4077 may be used to build a circuit that doubles the frequency of a signal applied to it. In other words, it generates a pulse for every edge of the input signal; the pulse width is determined by the internal delay of gates IC-1a[…]

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