Emergency Stop Schematic Circuit Diagram

The big fear of every developer of a microcontroller or computer-driven control system is that the computer or controller could crash while it is in the middle of controlling something and that the output signal will remain on ‘full throttle’. In this scenario, motors could continue to spin faster and faster or a heating element[…]

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Crystal Pulling Schematic Circuit Diagram

In microcontroller circuits, quartz crystals provide the highest accuracy for keeping everything on frequency. With frequency and time measurement (and for commissioning master clocks) fine adjustment of crystal oscillators may also be necessary, so we will now investigate in detail how crystal frequencies can be ‘pulled’. Although we have taken the ATtiny25 AVR microcontroller from[…]

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The position of the materials is indicated on the print. ( see circuit diagram ) ISD1760 (60sec), ISD1790 (90sec), ISD17120 (120sn) 1N 4007 7805 3 pcs led bulbs 1 pcs capacitive microphone 3 pcs 1K 1Part 82K 3 pcs 4.7K 2Pcs 10K 7Pack 100nF 2Pcs 4,7mF 1Pcs: 470mF Record sw push-and-drop switch 4pcs push button aux in one pcs[…]

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