Circuit Diagram Softwares: There are several circuit diagram softwares available in the market which vary in lot of parameters including ………………

RS232 interface for multi-purpose bus

This is an RS232 extension card for the Universal I/O interface for IBM PCs. The circuit is based on the COM81C17 UART (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) from standard Microsystem Corporation (SMC). This IC has an onboard programming baud rate generator, which obtains its clock from a quartz crystal oscillator built around three gates in the 74HCT04[…]

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Video enhancement for Acorn Archimedes

The Acorn Archimedes, well-known L’ for its speed and good graphics facilities, has a video interface that allows programmers to design a variety of screen modes with the aid of a programmable controller. As so often, this versatility has a drawback: since the controller uses a fixed clock at 24 MHz, the frame frequency decreases[…]

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Angled bus extension for PCs

Angled bus extension for PCs: This 8-bit bus extension card for IBM PCs and compatibles allows you to connect and test insertion cards without having to open the computer. The printed-circuit board shown here is angled and has a 62-way slot connector to accept external boards. The pins of the bus connector are soldered straight[…]

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4th order single chip filter

High-order filters are normally designed by using two or more 2nd-order sections in series. That means that a 4th-order filter needs at least two opamps. The present filter, however, uses only one opamp, which results in smaller distortion, intermodulation, and so on. Also, there is no internal resonance rise, which typifies combinations of 2nd-order sections.[…]

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