Latest mini projects in electronics with circuit diagram

1. Circuit Diagram Of High Power Audio Amplifier In this tutorial “Circuit Diagram Of High Power Audio Amplifier” you will how to make an audio amplifier which you can utilize with any of your musical instruments like piano, gitar and with ipod and other devices? So, Lets begin the journey…. READ MORE     2.[…]

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4th order single chip filter

High-order filters are normally designed by using two or more 2nd-order sections in series. That means that a 4th-order filter needs at least two opamps. The present filter, however, uses only one opamp, which results in smaller distortion, intermodulation, and so on. Also, there is no internal resonance rise, which typifies combinations of 2nd-order sections.[…]

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Arduino Rotary Encoder Wiring

Rotary encoder is an electro-mechanical instrument that that converts rotational motion into analog or digital information. Apparently it seems like potentiometer however it has turning capability in both clockwise as well as counter-clockwise directions upto infinite extent. In this article we will see Arduino rotary encoder wiring. Rotary encoders are of several types. Two main[…]

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