BITBUS Monitor Schematic Circuit Diagram

Intel’s BITBUS is an extensive protocol for the low cost networking of distributed control systems. Primarily intended for use in factory automation, BITBUS networks use one master and up to 250 slaves. The full specification may be found in Document no. 280645-001  Intel Corporation. The BITBUS specification has a pre-defined connector designation based on[…]

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Visitor counter using 4026 counter ic Schematic Circuit Diagram

Schematic Circuit Diagram: Before explaining the project I am going to tell you one important thing; that is please make a habit of the reading datasheet of particular ic you are using in your project. In this project an importantly integrated ic used is   cd4060b you can download from this link. And another important component is a[…]

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Power-On Sequencer Schematic Circuit Diagram

This circuit was developed to turn on power supplies in sequence, and then turn them off again in the reverse sequence. This can be helpful for experimenting with equipment and circuits whose power has to be applied and removed in a particular order (like the PC/EPROM-Programmer combination used by Elektor’s Software Service Department; Ed.) The[…]

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