4 bit Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU ) – Design concept Schematic Circuit Diagram

Hey there, In this section, I have made a nice conceptual circuit diagram that will help you to understand how ALU inside the computer works. Schematic Diagram: What is ALU? ALU is a combination of a digital circuit that does the arithmetic operation (like Adding two number, subtracting, multiply, division and logic operation (like AND, OR, NOR, NOT,[…]

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Noise-Driven Sound Generator Schematic Diagram

Noise-Driven Sound Generator Schematic Circuit Diagram

The sound generator shown here uses its built-in loudspeaker as a microphone when it is in the standby state. As soon as it detects a noise that exceeds an adjustable threshold level, it becomes active. This small, clever circuit can be used as an alarm generator that reacts to noises. You can also use it[…]

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ESP-WROVER-KIT Schematic Circuit Diagram

Description: This section describes several revisions of ESP-WROVER-KIT development board. All versions of ESP-WROVER-KIT are ready to accommodate an ESP-WROOM-32 or ESP32-WROVER module. ESP-WROVER-KIT has dual port USB to serial converter for programming and JTAG interface for debugging. Power supply is provided by USB interface or from standard 5 mm power supply jack. Power supply selection is done with[…]

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ESP32 Core Board V2 / ESP32 DevKitC Schematic Circuit Diagram

Description: Small and convenient development board with ESP-WROOM-32 module installed, break out pin headers and minimum additional components. Includes USB to serial programming interface, that also provides power supply for the board. Has press buttons to reset the board and put it in upload mode. ESP32 DevKitC is a low-footprint, minimal system development board which[…]

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ESP-WROOM-32 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Description: The smallest module intended for installation in final products. Can be also used for evaluation after adding extra components like programming interface, bootstrapping resistors and break out headers. Compact Design: The ESP-WROOM-32, measuring 25.2mm x 18mm only, contains the ESP32 SoC, flash memory, precision discrete components, and PCB antenna to provide outstanding RF performance in space-constrained applications.[…]

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