Random Flashing LED Schematic Circuit Diagram

In recent years, the chapter ‘flashing lights’ in its many incarnations, has already received plenty of attention in Elektor Electronics. Therefore, a newly presented flasher circuit has to have at least one special character in order to be considered for publication.   The version described here is therefore definitely not an ‘ordinary’ flasher. Unlike most[…]

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BITBUS Monitor Schematic Circuit Diagram

Intel’s BITBUS is an extensive protocol for the low cost networking of distributed control systems. Primarily intended for use in factory automation, BITBUS networks use one master and up to 250 slaves. The full specification may be found in Document no. 280645-001  Intel Corporation. The BITBUS specification has a pre-defined connector designation based on[…]

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Analogue Optical Coupler Schematic Circuit Diagram

It is sometimes necessary to make an electrically isolated connection in a circuit. An optical is usually the key component in such a situation. In most optocouplers, a single light-emitting diode (transmitter) and a single photodiode (receiver) are optically coupled inside the package. This solution is satisfactory for transferring digital levels (such as the control[…]

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