Low-drop a.c. switch for 12 V halogen lights

Because of their inertia, power consumption, contact wear, and often size, relays are not really suitable for switching alternating voltages. Moreover, they cannot be used in phase control circuits. Replacing them by triacs may give problems owing to the forward voltage drop across these devices. A much better solution is the use of anti-series-connected SIPMOS transistors.[…]

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Halogen light switch

Halogen lamps are rightly popular because they give a good light and have an excellent efficiency. Unfortunately, they tend to be costly. Moreover, they often give up the ghost when they are switched on because they then draw a very high current (some ten times normal, equivalent to roughly a hundred times their normal power[…]

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Fog light switching

Many cars are not factory-fitted with fog light and consequently, there is often no provision for switching. optionally added ones. However, since in most European and North American countries, it is now illegal to drive on sidelights and many cars still have a switch for these. the fog lights may be operated with this. The[…]

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