Analogue Optical Coupler Schematic Circuit Diagram

It is sometimes necessary to make an electrically isolated connection in a circuit. An optical is usually the key component in such a situation. In most optocouplers, a single light-emitting diode (transmitter) and a single photodiode (receiver) are optically coupled inside the package. This solution is satisfactory for transferring digital levels (such as the control[…]

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Visitor counter using 4026 counter ic Schematic Circuit Diagram

Schematic Circuit Diagram: Before explaining the project I am going to tell you one important thing; that is please make a habit of the reading datasheet of particular ic you are using in your project. In this project an importantly integrated ic used is   cd4060b you can download from this link. And another important component is a[…]

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Low-drop a.c. switch for 12 V halogen lights

Because of their inertia, power consumption, contact wear, and often size, relays are not really suitable for switching alternating voltages. Moreover, they cannot be used in phase control circuits. Replacing them by triacs may give problems owing to the forward voltage drop across these devices. A much better solution is the use of anti-series-connected SIPMOS transistors.[…]

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