Small power converter

The converter enables an existing positive supply voltage to be raised, to be lowered, or to be changed into negative potential. The new voltage is electrically isolated from source by a DIY transformer wound on a G2-3FT12 toroid. The primary winding consists of 30 turns. The number of secondary turns, n, is calculated from n= […]

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Virtual ground

Virtual ground: Often only a single power supply is available for an opamp circuit. Since such circuits normally require a double supply, this means that in some way the available supply has to be converted. This is normally done by a potential divider and capacitor across the single supply. sometimes followed by an ancillary opamp.[…]

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Low-drop diode

At high currents, many silicon diode has a forward voltage of 1 V or more. There are types whose drop at currents of up to 2-3 A is limited to 0.5-0.6 V, but even that may cause unacceptably high losses. The circuit described here offers a possible remedy. The cathode, C, of T1, a SIPMOS[…]

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