Thermocouple-to-DMM interface

Thermocouples are economical and rugged devices for temperature measurements. Because of their small size, they respond quickly and are good choices where fast response to temperature changes is important. Type K thermocouples have a wide temperature range. “and are used from cryogenics to jet engine exhaust analysis. The present circuit converts thermocouple outputs into a direct[…]

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Frequency probe

The frequency probe enables ”listening in’ to the speed of a computer. It is, however, also suitable for use with other digital circuits because it makes high frequency audible so that signal can be conveniently monitored. A 12-bit counter serves as a frequency detector. The signal measured in a computer or digital circuit is divided by 1024[…]

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Binary logarithmic ladder network

Binary logarithmic ladder network: The network provides an attenuation between 0 dB and 78.75 dB that is presettable in 64 steps with the aid of a 6-bit code. Six independent, relay switched attenuator sections may be connected in series in accordance with the input code. Since the sections have identical 1 kΩ impedances, they do[…]

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