Switch ICs with Adjustable Current Limiting Schematic Circuit Diagram

Transistors are often used for switching power supply voltages. MOSFETs are most often used, since they have low ‘on’ resistance, and they are also available for large currents. What a discrete transistor or MOSFET lacks are protective functions, such as current limiting and overtemperature protection. The MIC2545A from Micrel can provide a solution to this[…]

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Analogue Optical Coupler Schematic Circuit Diagram

It is sometimes necessary to make an electrically isolated connection in a circuit. An optical is usually the key component in such a situation. In most optocouplers, a single light-emitting diode (transmitter) and a single photodiode (receiver) are optically coupled inside the package. This solution is satisfactory for transferring digital levels (such as the control[…]

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