Emergency Stop Schematic Circuit Diagram

The big fear of every developer of a microcontroller or computer-driven control system is that the computer or controller could crash while it is in the middle of controlling something and that the output signal will remain on ‘full throttle’. In this scenario, motors could continue to spin faster and faster or a heating element[…]

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Basic alarm indicator

The most obvious alarm indication is a flashing light.This requires relatively complex electronics. however, to achieve correct flash-ing. Moreover, in certain circumstances, such as when the lamp is in bright light. -Lie indicator cannot be seen properly. The present circuit is simplicity itself: it consists of only three components and provides not only a visual[…]

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CMOS dimmer

Siemens’ Type SLB0586A IC enables the simple construction of a dimmer with touch control. Used in conjunction with a Type TIC206D triac, it allows the dimming of light bulbs of 10-400 without any problem. A 100 pH, 5 A inductor is needed to suppress the switching noise. Synchronizing pulses are derived from the mains voltage[…]

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