Regulator Short Circuit Indicator Circuit Diagram

Why we need Short Circuit Indicator? Modern integrated voltage regulators are protected against short circuits but do not give an indication when a short circuit occurs. In the case of regulators with the fixed output (78xx), a short-circuit indicator is easily arranged by connecting an LED and series resistor across the regulator output. The LED[…]

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Electronic Reversing Circuit for Model Rains

Many model train enthusiastic UV find the mechanical reversing system for trains in the HO series from Marklin and other manufacturers primitive and unreliable. The system is based on a.c. motors and a mechanical reversing assembly operated by a small electromagnet. The motor speed is determined by the track voltage, which can lie between 4[…]

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LM339 comparator circuit

What is comparator? This is an electronic device that compares two analog signals into digital signal. As we know that analog signal has two different type of voltage negative and positive volt, so the comparator will do it will process on this coming signals. After process on this signal it will give some output that[…]

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