Noise generator

Noise generators are used for measuring the self-noise of amplifiers and receivers and for some acoustic measurements. The noise of traditional low-frequency noise generators is based on the stochastic properties of an ion current resulting from a gas discharge. A simple noise generator can, however. be designed without a special gas discharge tubes the reverse-biased[…]

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RC- 5 infra-red receiver for 80C32 computer

‘RC-5’ is the Philips/Sony standard the received bits are shifted into a 16-hit reg-(JUL” for infra-red (IR) remote control of consistent formed by R4 (low) and R5 (hi0). The audio /video equipment (Ref. 1). The second start bit becomes the MSB. When the circuit and the listing were given enable the 80C32 received word is[…]

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Crowbar Protection

Quite a few electronic components. particularly active ones. cannot withstand too high voltages. Preventing costly circuits dying a premature death because the supply voltage has risen too high makes overvoltage protector no luxury. Such a protector must, of course, act swiftly, otherwise, the deed has been done before it had a chance to act. Therefore.[…]

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