test probe

General Purpose Test Probe

The compact test probe is made from five transistors, three LEDs, a zener diode, and three resistors. It enables rapid ‘measurement’ of voltage levels at digital gates, fuses, diodes, batteries, and others. Of course, it does not provide absolute values, but rather a good indication of correct operation or otherwise. Measurements are carried out with[…]

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Zener Bridge Rectifier

Zener Bridge Rectifier Circuit Diagram

The supply described here uses two zener diodes and two rectifier diodes instead of the usual four rectifier diodes and one zener. Zener Bridge Rectifier Circuit Description: Assuming that the potential at junction D1-D3 is positive with respect to that at D2-D4 and is greater than the zener voltage (+0.6 V), D3 will act as[…]

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