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4 bit Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU ) – Design concept Schematic Circuit Diagram

Hey there, In this section, I have made a nice conceptual circuit diagram that will help you to understand how ALU inside the computer works.

Schematic Diagram:

4 bit Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU ) – Design concept Schematic Circuit Diagram

What is ALU?

ALU is a combination of a digital circuit that does the arithmetic operation (like Adding two numbers, subtracting, multiplying, and division and logic operations (like AND, OR, NOR, NOT, XOR, etc )

In this project, I have made this device just for adding, subtracting, and ANDing to show you the basic concept behind the ALU unit.

The circuit explanation

In the previous section of making a calculator project, I have explained the basic concept of Adder you can visit there by this link. So, I am assuming you have read that project, In this project, I have used  IC packages directly to add the number, and an XOR gate is used to make it subtractor and a AND gates IC for ANDing

The selection process is manual in this project, but you can use a decoder IC to select automatically after pressing a button to try it yourself. (look ground of 74hc244 IC is individually selected in all three operations). You can simply give binary input from input pins push buttons and corresponding binary output is observed in 74hc244 and then BCD to seven-segment decoder 4511 IC is used to represent an equivalent decimal number. That’s all the concept behind the ALU unit inside the computer. If you have any confusion please feel free to tell me. I am always with you. you can either comment below or message me directly.

The 74HC244 is identical in pinout to the LS244. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. This octal noninverting buffer/line driver/line receiver is designed to be used with 3−state memory address drivers, clock drivers, and other bus−oriented systems. The device has noninverting outputs and two active−low output enables. The HC244 is similar in function to the HC240A.


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