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4 X 15 Watt power amplifier schematic circuit diagram


Numerous electronic circuit designs for audio amplifiers have already been shared, but this particular circuit stands out due to its configuration as a 4 X 15 Watt power amplifier. In this unique design, each channel of the amplifier is capable of delivering a robust 15 watts of power to a 4-ohm speaker. One noteworthy feature is its compatibility with a single 12V DC power source, making it suitable for integration into car audio systems.

The heart of this circuit is the TA8215, a 15W BTL X 2 channel audio power amplifier IC manufactured by Toshiba. While originally tailored for automotive audio applications, this versatile chip can also be effectively employed in home audio setups. To achieve a four-channel amplifier system, two TA8215 ICs are utilized, and the circuit closely mirrors the application diagram provided in the IC’s datasheet.

For proper functioning, pins 7 and 19, serving as the Vcc pins for the IC’s internal integrated power amplifier stages, are connected to the positive power supply. Additionally, pin 9, responsible for the IC’s internal preamplifier, is similarly linked to the positive supply.

To enhance noise rejection and separation between input and common ground, pin 5, the internal preamplifier’s ground pin, is connected to the common ground through a 10 Ohm resistor. Notably, this design feature contributes to improved performance. The inclusion of a 100uF capacitor serves as a power supply de-coupler, further enhancing stability.

Furthermore, resistor networks connected to the output lines of each amplifier channel contribute to heightened high-frequency stability. For precise control of volume on each channel, variable resistors R3, R4, R12, and R13 have been integrated into the circuit.

Circuit diagram

4 X 15 Watt power amplifier schematic circuit diagram


  • Assembling the circuit on a good quality PCB is a must for obtaining optimum sound quality.
  • Use 12V DC for powering the circuit.
  • The ICs must be fitted with adequately sized heat sinks.
  • R3, R4, R12 and R13 serves as volume controllers.
  • K1 to K4 can be 4 Ohm, 20W speakers.
  • This amplifier circuit can be used in a variety of applications such as car audio systems, home theater systems, personal audio systems, public address systems etc.

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