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700W 800W 900W IR2110 SG3525 SMPS Circuit Diagram

SG3525 SMPS Circuit Diagram has 3 and 700w (+ – 50v 50khz), 800w (+ -42v 60khz) and 900w (+ -70v 50khz) circuit diagrams for the same smps pwm control sg3525 used integrated output iris is used to drive mosfetleri ir2110 but according to their power, output voltages some values ​​are different from 800w SMPS circuit made with proteus of the prepared pcb drawing. Symmetric smps circuits that can be used to operate high-power anf ..

Prepared by: Veysel ARSLAN a clean, powerful design has contributed to the people who contributed.

SG3525 SMPS Circuit Diagram

SG3525 SMPS Circuit Diagram

2 different pcb drawings prepared for SG3525 IR2110 SMPS: 700W 800W 900W SMPS SG3525 IR2110


The only drawback of the circuit is that there is no over current protection, but this problem is solved by adding a fuse to the + and – output, but the electronic protection is not bad. When the voltage is supplied, the integrated version cuts off, you can use the following modification for this work (not tested).SG3525 SMPS Circuit Diagram

SG3525 SMPS Circuit Diagram

Or in simple we can say that: “Circuit only missing overcurrent protection does not have, though the + and – output fuse adding solved this problem but electronically additional protection would not be bad sg3524 and sg3525 SMPS PWM control integrated short-circuit, over-current protection for the 10 numbered “shutdown” pin is used on this pin 5v Near No voltage is cutting the integrated version of the modification for this job, you can use the following (untested) shunt resistance should be done according to the current account to be drawn 0.6 / current.”

SG3525 SMPS Circuit Diagram

The SG3525A pulse width modulator control circuit offers improved performance and lower external parts count when implemented for controlling all types of switching power supplies. The on−chip +5.1 V reference is trimmed to 1% and the error amplifier has an input common−mode voltage range that includes the reference voltage, thus eliminating the need for external divider resistors. A sync input to the oscillator enables multiple units to be slaved or a single unit to be synchronized to an external system clock


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