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88-108 MHZ SIMPLE FM TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT Schematic Circuit Diagram

I have previously shared simple fm transmitter circuits, the circuit board of this circuit is very nice layout of the circuit board used on the antenna pcb drawn by drawing a normal tape antenna, or 5..10cm ring wire can be attached to better results can be obtained. You can set the broadcast frequency with the adjustable capacitor (trimer) from 2-22pf on the circuit to be winded L1 winding 6 turns on a pen. The circuit works with 9 volts.

Dirnc on;

R1 = 15 k
R2 = 100k
R3 = 100 ohms


C1 = 100 nF polyester
C2 = 220 pF ceramic
C3 = 220 pF ceramic
C4 = 2-22 pF trimer
C5 = 4.7 pF ceramic

T1 = BC550 NPN


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