Alternating Blinker Schematic Circuit Diagram

The circuit represents a general-purpose astable multivibrator that alternatively energizes two heavy loads via a relay (in this case, the loads are 12-V incandescent lamps). In contrast to an ‘analogue’ flip-flop, here it is not necessary to use power transistors with heatsinks. This alternating blinker can thus be built at a lower cost, more easily[…]

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Simple IR Receiver Schematic Circuit Diagram

This circuit has been designed to complement the ‘Simple IR Transmitter’ and to decode its transmitted signals. The similarity to the transmitter can be clearly seen: the received data is decoded by a shift register (74HC4094), which again is clocked by a counter/oscillator (74HC4060). The receiver is started by the first edge from the IR-receiver[…]

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