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Battery Maintainer Schematic Circuit Diagram

A Battery Maintainer: Preserving Your Battery’s Longevity

A battery maintainer functions as a compact battery charger, supplying small amounts of energy to your battery. This process enables the battery to remain idle for extended periods while retaining a full charge. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in preventing damage to the battery, ultimately prolonging its lifespan.

Reviving a Neglected Gel Battery

Upon discovering a long-neglected gel battery in a handheld vacuum cleaner, the author noticed its high resistance. To restore functionality, they employed a method involving the application of voltages with opposite polarities. This reverse voltage effectively broke down internal non-conducting layers that had formed during the battery’s idle period. Consequently, the battery is now back in operation, charging and discharging normally. However, it’s essential to note that if the appliance remains unused, the battery is likely to deteriorate again. To counteract this issue, the author applied a common technique: subjecting the battery to brief, high-current loads intermittently.

Battery Maintainer Schematic Circuit Diagram

Preserving Battery Freshness with a Specialized Circuit

The circuit illustrated in this setup performs a specific task: every two seconds, it draws a brief current of approximately 1 A for 2 ms. This translates to an average current of about 1 mA, a magnitude comparable to the battery’s self-discharge rate. Despite its minimal energy consumption, this circuit effectively maintains the battery’s freshness over time.

Circuit Design and Operation

This circuit is based on the NPN relaxation oscillator featured in the 2011 Project Generator Edition of Elektor ( Here, it provides the base current for the power transistor. During the prototype phase, the current was measured at approximately 1 A. For added safety, an extra load resistor can be incorporated into the circuit. An LED indicator illuminates with each current pulse, functioning both as a visual cue for the pulses and an indicator of the battery’s charge status. The less frequent the LED flashes, the lower the battery voltage.

Understanding Battery-Related Offenses

In legal contexts, battery typically involves the intent to harm someone, resulting in physical injury. If a person goes beyond mere intention and inflicts physical harm, assault charges may escalate to battery charges, indicating a successful physical assault.


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