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Belgian Earth Fault Detector Schematic Circuit Diagram

Home-Made Earth Fault Detector

After experiencing earth fault accidents, the author devised a simple circuit for detection. The setup comprises only three components: the neon indicator coupled with its original resistor (commonly found in switches on AC power bars) and a small capacitor (class Y) salvaged from the electronics of a low-consumption lamp. The brightness of the neon increases with a higher capacitance. Remarkably, this solution incurs no cost. The neon indicator illuminates solely in the presence of an efficient Earth connection. It functions effectively in the author’s home, accommodating either Live or Neutral in any orientation. However, in the Elektor laboratory in The Netherlands, concerns arose, detailed in the June 2011 issue [1], as the circuit’s sensitivity to the relative positions of Live and Neutral became apparent. Consequently, this Earth fault detector can also function as a Phase detector, although its reliability may be limited to usage in Belgium.

Belgian Earth Fault Detector Schematic Circuit Diagram

Convenient Integration into Power Socket

This entire setup can be seamlessly integrated into a power socket, with the author opting for a small transparent cover to shield the neon indicator.

Non-Polarized AC Power Outlets

It’s worth noting that, unlike the UK and the US, some AC power outlets in Belgium and all of them in The Netherlands are not polarized. In other words, AC power plugs, both earthed and non-earthed, can be inserted without concern for their orientation.

Understanding Capacitance

Capacitance pertains to the ratio of the electric charge stored on a conductor relative to a difference in electric potential. Two closely related aspects of capacitance are widely recognized: self-capacitance and mutual capacitance. Self-capacitance applies to any object that can be electrically charged and involves measuring the electric potential between the object and the ground. On the other hand, mutual capacitance is assessed between two conductors and holds particular significance in the operation of capacitors, fundamental linear electronic components designed for this specific purpose.

Diverse Functions of Capacitors

Capacitors serve various crucial functions within a circuit. Their capacity to accumulate DC charge and provide a relatively low impedance to alternating frequency signals makes them invaluable in power supply circuits and bypass applications. Conceptually, they can be likened to operating as miniature batteries.


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