BT136 Pinout Schematic Circuit Diagram

PartNumber: BT136, BT136-O-C-N-B, BT136-O-HF-N-B

Function: Triacs

Package: TO-220C, TO-220HF Package

BT136 Pinout Schematic Circuit Diagram


Glass passivated triacs in a plastic envelope, intended for use in applications requiring high bidirectional transient and blocking voltage capability and high thermal cycling performance. Typical applications include motor control, industrial and domestic lighting, heating and static switching.


IT(RMS)   4A

VDRM      600V or 800V

IGT             10mA


1. AC switching
2. Phase control


BT136 Schematic Circuit Diagram 2


1. Planar chip for reliability and uniform

2. Low on-state voltage and High ITSM

3. RoHS products

4. UL: E258645

BT136 Pinout Datasheet

Part Number BT136
Description TRIACS

Follow the below link to download in PDF format:

BT136-600 Pinout Datasheet

Part Number BT136-600
Description 4 Quadrants Sensitive TRIAC

Follow the below link to download in PDF format: 

BT136 is a type of electronic component, which is a triac. The thyristor is also the abbreviation of the thyristor rectifier element. It is a high-power semiconductor device with a four-layer structure with three PN junctions, which is generally formed by reversely connecting two thyristors. 

There are many different ways to use a TRIAC, since the device is bi-directional the TRIAC gate can be triggered with either positive voltage or negative voltage. So this allows the TIRAC to be operated in four different modes. You can read this article if you want to know more about switching modes.


  • Because of the bidirectional control of alternating current, these components are used as different controllers for AC, fan, heater, static switch with three positions, triggering devices for silicon-controlled rectifiers, light dimmers, etc.
  • AC Light dimmers
  • Strode lights
  • AC motor speed control
  • Noise coupling circuits
  • Controlling AC loads using MCU/MPU
  • Power control of AC or DC

Features & Specifications

The features and specifications of BT136 600E TRIAC include the following.

  • The maximum supply current through the terminal is 4A
  • The voltage at the On-state gate is 1.4V
  • The gate trigger current is 10mA
  • The maximum terminal voltage is 600 V
  • The holding current is 2.2mA
  • The latching current is 4mA
  • The available package is To-220
  • Equivalent BT136 600E TRIAC is BTA08-600B whereas an alternate BT136 600E TRIACs are BTA16, Q4008, BT139 and BT169.



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