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Circuit Diagram Of Mobile Jammer

Cell Phone Jammer – Introduction

We are trying to make mobile or cell phone jammer. A Cell or Mobile phone jammer is an electronical gadget used to avoid cellular phones from receiving signals from base of the station. When it is used, the jammer actively prohibits & blocks cellular phones. This device can be used practically in any location, but is found primarily in those places where a phone call can be especially troublesome because silence is presumed and expected.

A “Cell Phone-Jammer” we block the signal or destroy or add some noise in it, that signal coming from the base station this is known as “Bad Transmit ion ”, so the cellular phone cannot transmit signal well. For making mobile jammer we need 555 integer circuit 8 pins for adding noise in transition. It is joined with electrolytic cell (capacitor 4) to adjust the Microwave radio frequency transistor oscillator that show in the Circuit-Diagram of Mobile-jammer. With Capacitor 1 set at roughly one-third, you’ll be close to 900 (Megahertz) MHz by sweeping Capacitor1 trimmer capacitor, you may swing the output frequency from 800 (Megahertz)MHz – 2(gigahertz)GHz with transistor & values shown.


Diagram of cell phone jammer

You can change the 555 timer integer Circuit (IC)chip with an “electro microphone”, & scanner your voice through microphone, so we can measure  the unit in ultra-high frequency (UHF)

In the replacement of using a single Tapped Coil, I have used two molded inductors for making this. The Values for Capacitor1, Capacitor2, Line1, and Line2 are reproaching and demanding for the range of frequency.

There we need a metal box to build this unit or system. There we can add some different type of switches for operating this system like “ON and OFF” button we connect this button with the positive terminal of batteries for add more detailing we can also add some some type of light emitting diode(LED) then attached an old mobile phone with 800 megahertz (MHz) wire by Capacitor 5.

Did you think, that we can built the whole system by using 555 timer integer circuit and placing component directly on PCB board. For test we can used leak-off test(LOT)by using 9V battery. The out come of this mobile phone Jammer is fairly good, but this circuit have a drawback it will drop large amount of current so nine volt battery only run the circuit for one hour(if you are lucky).

The rang of  this circuit is 10 feet to 15 feet .

cell phone jammer example
Example of cell phone jammer


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    1. Vicky, this circuit will serve as mobile jammer, you just have to use spectrum analysis and make sure you distort same frequency as your mobile company is using.

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