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I say the classic, but many of the site we see similar darlington transistor quality hifi amphi circuit .. very few elements have been performed with few elements so clean sound account .. beautiful side all the details there are schema, PCB, material list, pictures information on the adjustment of the current flow, etc..

100W Amplifier circuit + -42v RMS 100W with symmetrical 2x42v power supply gives power to music power 140w but pay attention to your speaker at last sound 100w over 250w write down rms 20w etc … writer

Output transistors 1x ON709 and 1x BDX88C TO3 sheaths will be difficult to find these transistors use instead T8 NPN for BDW83C or TIP142 T9 PNP can be used for BDW84C or TIP147 correspond to transistors SOT-93 sheath use a larger cooler and heat conductor (thermal paste, Assemble the insulator using the insulator using cream etc etc ..)

Connect the ammeter between the T8 collollor and + feed for a rest current setting ayar P akım Adjust the 10k trimpot to the ammeter until you see 50m.

An ammeter is an instrument used to measure the current in a circuit. Electric currents are measured in amperes, hence the name. For direct measurement, the ammeter is connected in series with the circuit in which the current is to be measured.
Ammeter, an instrument for measuring either direct (DC) or alternating (AC) electric current, in amperes. An ammeter can measure a wide range of current values because at high values only a small portion of the current is directed through the meter mechanism; a shunt in parallel with the meter carries the major portion.
Electric current is measured by an ammeter. There are various measurement methods as well as units of current. The SI unit of current is Ampere or Amp. Ampere measures the flow of electric charge across a surface at a rate of one coulomb per second. We know that the principle of the ammeter is that the opposition and inductive reactance should be low. The ammeter has a low impedance as the voltage drop across the ammeter ought to be low.


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