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Communications buses

A bus is a communication system in computer architecture that transfers data between components inside a computer, or between computers. The term encompasses all the components related to hardware (wire, optical fiber, etc.) and software, including communication protocol.

A bus is a common communication pathway used in a computer system through which information flows from one computer component to another. The computer bus system is a network of buses that physically connect all the components with wires ( actual bus wires OR circuit wires on the motherboard )

Communications buses: There are so many different standards for buses and networks 1 that an overview of the most current types will be found useful for many readers. Note that each bus needs suitable software to transmit data. For instance, the well-known Ethernet network operates with Novell and Lantastic. Ethernet and Thin-Ethernet buses are intended for use as a LAN (Local Area Network) between computers and computers or between computers and peripheral equipment like printers and plotters. The Integrated Service Terminal (1ST) bus is used in LANs for offices. It complie5 with the ISDN norm. It is intended for communication with telephones, view phones, computers, and alarm systems.

The Domestic Digital Bus (D2B) bus is intended for interconnecting audio and de o equipment. It is found on the most up-to-date radio tuners and television receivers. The Controller Area Network (CAN) bus is intended primarily for use in control systems in a noisy environment. It needs only two wires for the distribution of power and Information.

The Futurebus is a new standard for parallel processing of data within a computer. Path widths vary from 32 bits to 256 bits. A number of processors can exchange data at very high clock speeds along these paths.

The Inter-IC Sound (12S) bus is designed for the exchange over short distances only of digital audio (16-bit stereo) between ICs in a digital audio system. The data are transmitted serially. The Inter-IC (12C) bus is also designed for communication between ICs. It handles not only data but also commands. In contrast to the I2S bus, the I2C bus is fairly slow and not suitable for the rapid transmission of large quantities of data.

Communications buses Schematic diagram


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