Amplifier Circuit Diagrams

Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit – 2X12 Watts Schematic Circuit Diagram

A “Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit” refers to an amplifier circuit designed to deliver exceptional audio quality. The term “Hi-Fi” or “High Fidelity” is commonly used to describe audio equipment that faithfully reproduces sound with minimal noise, distortion, and a natural frequency response. Hi-Fi amplifiers are renowned for their ability to produce crystal-clear audio, making them a coveted choice for music enthusiasts.

It’s important to note that achieving noise-free sound output isn’t solely dependent on the amplifier. In our project, our focus is exclusively on creating the amplifier component, specifically the amplifier circuit.


Presented here is a schematic for a HiFi amplifier circuit capable of delivering 2X12 watts of power, utilizing the Phillips IC TDA 2616. This circuit is elegantly simple and robust, featuring a minimal component count, making it well-suited for use as a portable power amplifier. With a dual supply voltage of +/- 12 volts, it provides 12 watts of power to an 8-ohm speaker for each channel.

The TDA2616 is a stereo power amplifier IC, packaged in a 9-lead single-in-line (SIL9) plastic power package (SOT131). Its design is tailored for use in mains-powered amplifier applications, such as stereo radios, tape players, and televisions. Notably, this IC exhibits excellent gain balance between both channels, meeting Hi-fi standards according to IEC 268 and DIN 45500 specifications. Furthermore, the TDA 2616 incorporates a built-in circuit designed to suppress noise signals during power-on and power-off transitions, effectively eliminating audible click sounds.

Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit Diagram with Parts List

Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit – 2X12 Watts Schematic Circuit Diagram


  • All capacitors except C10 & C9 are ceramic.
  • All capacitors must be rated 50V.
  • Use a well-regulated and filtered +/- 12 V dual power supply that is able to provide at least 2 A continuous currents.

TDA2616 Product details

The TDA2616 and TDA2616Q are both dual-power amplifiers. The TDA2616 comes in a 9-lead single-in-line (SIL9) plastic power package (SOT131), whereas the TDA2616Q is available in a 9-lead SIL package that is bent to a dual in-line (DIL) configuration, known as the plastic power package (SOT157). These amplifiers have been purposefully engineered for applications connected to mains power, including stereo radios and stereo televisions.


  • Requires very few external components
  • No switch-on/switch-off clicks
  • Input mute during switch-on and switch-off
  • Low offset voltage between output and ground
  • Excellent gain balance of both amplifiers
  • Hi-fi in accordance with IEC 268 and DIN 45500
  • Short-circuit proof and thermal protected
  • Mute possibility.

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