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Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit – 2X12 Watts Schematic Circuit Diagram

HiFi or High fidelity is a term used to indicate equipment that reproduces a high quality of sound. The highlight of Hi-Fi equipment is inaudible noise or distortions and natural frequency response. Hifi amplifiers are known to create sounds with utmost clarity so it is a dream of all music lovers to get their hands on one.

Of course, it is not just the amplifier that is required to get no-noise sound output. But our project here only involves making the amplifier part ie, amplifier circuit.


Here is the circuit of a 2X12 watt HiFi amplifier circuit using IC TDA 2616 from Phillips. This is a quite simple and robust circuit using only very few components. Being this small makes the circuit ideal for a portable power amplifier. This circuit delivers 12 Watts power on  8 Ohm speaker for each channel at +/- 12 V dual supply.

The TDA2616 is a  stereo power amplifier IC that comes in a 9-lead single-in-line (SIL9) plastic power package (SOT131). This IC is specially designed for mains fed amplifier circuits such as stereo radio, tape and television. The IC has a good gain balance of b

oth channels and Hi-fi in accordance with IEC 268 and DIN 45500 standards. Also, the IC TDA 2616 has a special inbuilt circuit for the  suppression of noise signals at the inputs during switch-on and switch-off. This prevents click sounds during power on and power off.

Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit Diagram with Parts List

Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit – 2X12 Watts Schematic Circuit Diagram


  • All capacitors except C10 & C9 are ceramic.
  • All capacitors must be rated 50V.
  • Use a well regulated and filtered +/- 12 V dual power supply that is able to provide at least 2 A continuous current.

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