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High Current Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit

This charger for high power circuit lead Acid battery can be used in the range of 100 to 200 AH. Design is technically perfect and automatically switches power of the battery and when the battery is fully charged.

Overlooking the 100 A to 200 A, the high current power circuit to understand the idea of the circuit by following simple points :

Basically, there are three stages in the configuration: the power supply stage consists of a transformer component and a power rectifier bridge.

A filter capacitor after the bridge network was for the sake of simplicity, but for a better continuous output current to the battery to ignore capacitor 1000uF / 25V through positive feedback and negative bridge.

The output of the power supply is applied directly to the battery.

High Current Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit

The next step consists of a voltage comparator IC 741, which measure the voltage of the battery is configured during the loading of the operational amplifier, and switches its output to Pin # 6 on the appropriate response.

Pin # 3 of IC is fed with the predetermined order to the battery or a positive power supply circuit through a 10K.

The default value is set so that the output of the IC to pin # 6 back when the battery is fully charged and reaches about 14 volts.

The Pin # 2 of integrated circuit spindle attached via a voltage divider circuit with a fixed reference, comprising a 10K resistor and a Zener diode of 6 volts.

The output of the integrated circuit is fed by a relay driver stage, said transistor BC557 provides the main control component.

First-circuit power is activated by pressing the “Start” button. Thus the relay contacts and omitted force for a moment off the circuit.

The IC detects the voltage of the battery, since it during this phase of the output of the integrated circuit responds its flow to a logic low level.

This turns on transistor and relay, the relay power is immediate, so that now even when the “Start” button is released, the remains of the burning circuit and starts with the battery connected to respective contacts locks.

Now, as the battery reaches approximately 14 volts, the IC detects and immediately returns the output to a logic high.

BC557 transistor meets this strong momentum and the relay switches the power to the circuit to turn to break the lock.

The circuit is complete until you press the start button and the battery connected to a load that is lower than the mark set 14 volts.

How high-load circuit the battery current proposed to set up.

It’s very easy.

They are used to connect each battery to the circuit.

Turn off the machine by pressing the start button and hold down while you adjust the default settings, the relay will trigger or switch to the rated voltage transformer data should be about 14 volts.

The setting is complete, connect now a half-discharged for sites that the “Start” button in the circuit and press battery shown.

Due to the depleted battery, the power will now drop 14 volts to the circuit, and the circuit is once locked described to initiate the procedure in the previous section.

Maximum current of 100 to 200 circuit diagram of the automatic lead-acid battery amp below:

high current battery charegr circuit example




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