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High Power 120V/100W TDA7293 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA7293 is an integrated monolithic Multiwatt15 package designed for audio amplifying purpose. It is being used in hi-fi application fields like self-powered audio speakers, stereo system, top-class TV. Having a high input voltage and high output current range it is capable of supplying highest power with both of 4-Ω and 8-Ω loads.

TDA7293 : High Power 120V/100W Amplifier Circuit Diagram modle
The inbuilt muting option makes the remote operation simple evading off-on switch noise. The parallel mode can be used by connecting a number of devices with the help of pin 11. A high output power can be transported to loads with low impedance and in this way the thermal dissipation of system is optimized.

Features of TDA7293 amplifier:

BCD technology (multipower)
High operating voltage range upto ±50V
DMOS power stage
Diffusion metal oxide semiconductor power stage
output power is high with 100watt for 8-Ω with ±40V
switch off/on noise is avoided
distortion is very low
protected from short circuit
thermally shutdown

Stereo Audio TDA7293 Amplifier Circuit Diagram:

Audio stereo amplifier circuit with IC TDA7293 is a high power (upto 200 Watts) circuit . The power supply for the circuit needs only a transformer. With a compact sized PCB mounting design is suggested. It is best for various applications as it allows a good quality and compact size power amplifier.

TDA7293 Amplifier Circuit Diagram:

TDA7293 : High Power 120V/100W Amplifier Circuit Diagram
The amplifier has on board power supply and to power the circuit it requires just a transformer.
The power supply consists of bridge rectifier and huge electrolytic capacitors ranging from 4.7μF to 12μF
The series combination of resistors and LEDs discharge the capacitors.
The transformer may be from 18-0-18 to 33-0-33 and 200VA however a transformer with less voltage may require lower current.
The insulation of integrated circuit from heat sink must be taken into account and use mica or plastic thermal pad to insulate the screw.


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