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HIGH VOLTAGE 0-400V 22MA-600MA REGULATED POWER SUPPLY TCA785 Schematic Circuit Diagram

Power supply circuit 0 cd 400v voltage setting 22ma 81 600ma (highest 1a) current setting is not too complicated on the TCA785 phase control integral but because the voltage is high, the DCDC converter used to feed TL081 opamps is difficult in the market. It seems to me that it is not necessary, but the author has used TL081 opamp with symmetric feeding + -12V operated 15V DC voltage 2x12V as an integrated power supply DCDC converter if no additional transformer can be used or tra2 transformer can be selected as additional winding accordingly. The power supply circuit has pcb, schematic drawings and a list of materials.



TCA785, 400V, high voltage, adjustable power supply

ATTENTION 0-400V 22mA-600mA Adjustable Power Supply circuit operates with high voltage Caution Be careful of the condenser connections + – If you connect the poles backwards, you may have large explosions at high voltage before operating the circuit Fused Electric Line, use protective goggles.


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