Voltage Regulators Circuit Diagrams

Simple DC Voltage Doubler Circuit Diagram

A voltage doubler is an electronic circuit that is used to charge the capacitors in such a way that the double voltage, in ideal case, is produced at output as at input.

Voltage doublers are frequently encountered in electronic circuits. The present one is a variation that is of interest since most digital circuits already have buffered clock (CLK) available or have a spare Schmitt trigger gate. Since in those cases no new IC is needed, the cost of the doubler is much reduced. If a buffered CLK signal is available only four components C4, C5, D1 and D2 are required to produce a voltage of 10V from a supply of 5V. If an oscillator needs to be built from a spare gate, two further components are required: R1 and C3.

The most important parameters of the circuit are in the table below. Note that owing to tolerances in the clock circuit, these data may be slightly different.

Voltage Doubler Circuit Diagram:


Simple DC voltage doubler circuit diagram

Simple Voltage doubler Circuit Diagram parameters


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