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IRS2092S Digital Audio Amplifier IC

The IRS2092S audio amplifier IC is an integrated building block for class D amplifiers that can sustain up to 500W output power when properly designed.

IRS2092 Pinout

IRS2092 Pinout IRS2092 Pinout

IRS2092 Audio Amplifier

IRS2092S Pinout Description


Pin Number Pin Name Pin Description
1 VAA Floating input positive supply
2 GND Floating input supply return
3 IN- Analog inverting input
4 COMP Phase compensation and comparator input
5 CSD Shutdown timing capacitor
6 VSS Floating input negative supply
7 VREF 5V reference voltage to program OCSET pin
8 OCSET Low side overcurrent threshold setting
9 DT Dead time program input
10 COM Low side supply return
11 LO Low side output
12 VCC Low side supply
13 VS High side floating supply return
14 HO High side output
15 VB High side floating supply
16 CSH High side overcurrent sensing input

Features and Specifications

  • Floating inputs
  • Programmable overcurrent protection
  • Programmable dead time
  • Start and stop click noise reduction
  • ±100V power supply
  • Operating frequency up to 800kHz
  • Available in SOIC-16 and DIP-16 package

Note: The IRS2092S datasheet, which can be found at the bottom of this page, has all of the technical specifics.

Equivalent for IRS2092S: IRS2093

Other Class D Amplifiers: BD5640, TPA3122, TDA7482

How To Use The IRS2092S Audio Amplifier IC

The IRS2092S is a class D amplifier building block that combines all of the components of a class D amplifier into a single IC that only requires a few additional components to function. An OTA powers the input stage, which is powered by a +/- supply. On pin 3, this stage performs the major amplification of the input signal. The output is modulated to drive the gates of two N-channel MOSFETs in a half-bridge arrangement using a level shifter. To avoid shoot-through and boost efficiency and decrease distortion, the chip also incorporates overcurrent protection and an adjustable dead-time. The image below depicts a typical application circuit.

IRS2092S Digital Audio Amplifier IC Application


  • Home theatre systems
  • Mini component stereo systems
  • Powered speaker systems
  • General-purpose audio power amplifiers

2D Model and Dimensions

If you’re making a PCB or a Perf board using this component, the image below from the Datasheet will help you figure out the package type and size.


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