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LA4440 IC Amplifier Circuit Diagram

LA4440 or 4440 is a dual channel audio amplifier IC. LA4440 is monolithic integrated circuit. The LA4440 IC amplifier circuit diagram is given in this article. It is  applicable in tow modes,

  1. Stereo amplifier mode
  2. Bridge amplifier mode.

Here in this article both modes of LA4440 IC circuit diagram are explained.

LA4440 IC Circuit Diagram image

Before going to explain the circuit diagrams I’ll like to know you some features of LA4440 IC

Features of LA4440 IC:

  • LA4440 IC has ripple rejection upto 46dB.
  • It gives less distortion.
  • It also has a good channel separating ability.
  • Thermally protected
  • Protection in case of over-voltage
  • Surge voltage protection

LA4440 IC Amplifier Circuit Diagram (Stereo mode):

In stereo mode the LA4440 IC circuit has an output of 6w+6w. In this (stereo) mode two speakers of 2 Ω or 8 Ω are applied.

LA4440 IC Circuit Diagram for Stereo mode

LA4440 IC Amplifier Circuit Diagram (Bridge mode):

Here in above circuit diagram the output capacitors are C11 and C12. Circuit description is given at end.

In bridge mode the LA4440 IC gives an output of 19w. In this mode use a speaker of 4 Ω to 8 Ω. To get stereo output from bridge mode use two such circuits as shown below.


amplifier circuit diagram

The resistors R3 and R4 are to adjust voltage gain and to make input signal of inverting amplifier. Circuit description is given below.

Circuit Description for booth modes:

  • C10, filter capacitor, reduces the ripple of the supply voltage.
  •  Capacitors C7 and C8 must not be less than 100µF, 10V otherwise it would cause low output at low frequencies.
  • C8 and C9 prevent from oscillations and known as polyester film capacitor.
  • Resistors R1 and R2 are used as filter resistors.
  • Pin 6 is audio input which is used in stereo mode while grounded in bridge mode.
  • A maximum of 18V power supply is for both modes of the amplifier circuit however 12V, 3A supply is recommended.

Note: A heat sink of good quality must be used with LA4440 IC.



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