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Latest mini projects in electronics with circuit diagram

1. Circuit Diagram Of High Power Audio Amplifier

circuit diagram of high power audio amplifierIn this tutorial “Circuit Diagram Of High Power Audio Amplifier” you will how to make an audio amplifier which you can utilize with any of your musical instruments like piano, gitar and with ipod and other devices? So, Lets begin the journey….




2. Audible Level Indicator

level indicatorA 600 Hz signal at a level of 2.4 Vpp, generated by the oscillator on board an LM1830 (National Semiconductor) is applied to a probe via C2. The probe is immersed in the liquid whose level is to be monitored. Because of C2, there is no direct voltage at the probe, so that there are…….



3. Circuit Diagram Of Mobile Jammer

cell phone jammer

Cell Phone Jammer – Introduction We are trying to make mobile or cell phone jammer. A Cell or Mobile phone jammer is an electronical gadget used to avoid cellular phones from receiving signals from base of the station. When it is used, the jammer actively prohibits & blocks cellular phones. …


4. High Current Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit

High Current Lead Acid Battery Charger CircuitThis charger for high power circuit lead Acid battery can be used in the range of 100 to 200 AH. Design is technically perfect and automatically switches power of the battery and when the battery is fully charged. Overlooking the 100 A to 200 A, the high current power circuit to understand the idea of the circuit …


5. Simple Automatic Street Light Circuit Diagram

In this topic we study about how with can perform different mechanical work by machines. Don’t worry, in this topic we don’t use any programming style. We perform our task with the help of electricity. In this topic we make own automatic push up button. A question is rise in your mind “how it possible …


6.  A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Circuit Diagram

A4988 Stepper Description of A4988 driver: A4988 stepper motor driver is a complete driver for microstepping motor with by default translator for easy operation. This is a 16 pin driver. A4988 driver is specially designed to drive bipolar microstepping motors in different modes like full-step, half-step, quarter-step,  …


7. LA4440 IC Amplifier Circuit Diagram

LA4440 or 4440 is a dual channel audio amplifier IC. LA4440 is monolithic integrated circuit. The LA4440 IC amplifier circuit diagram is given in this article. It is  applicable in tow modes, Stereo amplifier mode Bridge amplifier mode. Here in this article both modes of LA4440 IC circuit diagram are explained. …


8. Auto Power off for Audio Equipment Circuit Diagram

auto-power-offThis small circuit switch off the equipment in the audio rack when sound has not produced for some time. The circuit is actuated by pressing S1 which causes the capacitor C1 to be charged. Next, the output of opamp IC1B goes high, and the audio equipment is powered from the mains via solid-state relay ISO1.…





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