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LM339 comparator circuit

What is comparator?

This is an electronic device that compares two analog signals into digital signal. As we know that analog signal has two different type of voltage negative and positive volt, so the comparator will do it will process on this coming signals. After process on this signal it will give some output that output is binary digital output. This output will totally depend on the rate of positive and negative volts. If positive volt is greater than negative volt then the output of binary digital output is one and it will be zero when negative volt is greater than positive.


LM339 Comparator:

I hope that you understand the working of comparator, now there we are studying on a type of comparator known as lm339 comparator. Here we also discussing about the use and also about the working of lm 339 Comparator.


Identify Pins of LM339 Comparator:

First we discuss about the working of the lm339 comparator. It has 14 pins and each pin have different functionality. The question is raise ” How we can identify the pin”. Don’t worry about it. It is two simple first we have  to see the picture of LM339 comparator. The picture is given below.


There you can see a dot on lm339 comparator. If did to some different company. There is no dot the pick the lm339 comparator. You see curve shape on the LM339 comparator. When you identify this curve then very most left pin you can start count from there are count left to right. Do the same in dot. The dot is representing first pin and the counting process is same like curve method. There is another picture for your understanding and this picture also defines the working for the LM339 comparator.


Working of LM339 comparator:

As you remember that I am say about curve on comparator and very most left pin is the first pin and goes no. Now discuses about the working of the comparator, as you know that the comparator join two input and give one output. You that that in diagram there are four comparators in LM339, the first comparator 1st input is on pin 4 and 2nd input is on pin 5 and the output of these input at pin 2, the second comparator 1st input is on pin 6 and 2nd input is on pin 7 and the other is on pin 1.

now jump on other side of LM339 comparator. The third comparator 1st input is on pin 8 and 2nd input is on pin 9,the output of this comparator is on pin 13, and the last comparator  1st input is pin 10 and 2nd input is on pin 11,the output is on pin 14. There you notice that I skip pin 3 and pin 12, according to the circuit diagram this point is used for power supply pin 3 is connect with positive and pin 12 is connect with ground. This is the working of LM339.

Now come to the uses of the LM339, that mean where LM339 is using. We can use this LM339 to check different output on different volts. This is we basic example for using comparator. You will better understand by practical. I show you an example below.

Demo video:

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