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Long-period mains timers

Siemens Type SAB0529 IC may be programmed for periods of 1 seconds and to 31 hours 30 minutes. It may be used for switching staircase lights, battery chargers, and many others.
The chip is programmed via pins E-I with the aid of switches S1-S4. When S1 is closed, the IC is enabled for a period of 1 h; S2: 4 h; S3: 10 h; and S4: 16 h. All sorts of the combination are also possible: for instance if both S2 and S3 are closed, and the other two switches are open, the chip is enabled for a period of 14 h. The IC controls a 4-A triac, which can switch fairly large loads. The timer is started with S5; in an emergency, it may be stopped prematurely with S6.

Great care should be given to the construction since dangerous mains voltage is present at several points in the circuit. blank


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