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Outside Light Controller Schematic Circuit Diagram

Efficient Outdoor Lighting Control

This controller operates by activating outdoor lights at dusk and automatically switching them off at a predetermined time, preventing unnecessary energy consumption throughout the night. Additionally, the system can be programmed to re-illuminate the area at a specific time in the morning, automatically turning off when daylight reaches a sufficient level. Achieving this functionality typically involves employing a Light-Dependent Resistor (LDR) in conjunction with a timer.

Innovative Clock-Free Solution

In contrast to traditional clocks that require initial setup and periodic adjustments due to time drift, this solution adopts a unique approach. Instead of relying on a clock, the system capitalizes on the LDR’s ability to sense sunrise and sunset. Leveraging the sun’s 24-hour loop, this knowledge serves as an alternative method for time determination. Consequently, the need for a complex clock setup, display, and push buttons is eliminated, streamlining the design while keeping costs low.

Outside Light Controller Schematic Circuit Diagram

Innovative Solar-Powered Clock System

This unique clock operates without the need for manual adjustment. It functions as a solar clock, utilizing a PIC16F628A microcontroller running on its internal 4 MHz RC oscillator. When the system detects sunrise, a counter is initiated, continuing until the subsequent sunrise, effectively acting as a reset. At sunset, the counter’s current value is stored in the variable ‘zontot’. Consequently, after sunset, the time can be calculated using the formula:

time = counter – zontot/2

This design incorporates two pushbuttons, ‘Evening off’ (S1) and ‘Morning on’ (S2), enabling users to set specific switching times. Notably, these buttons are operable only after sunset and before sunrise. If S1 is pressed in the evening (post-sunset, when the garden lights are on), the lights will subsequently turn off at that particular time. Similarly, when S2 is pressed in the morning before sunrise, the lights will illuminate at this designated time and remain on until sunrise.


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