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PIC16F877 4 LAYER ELEVATOR CONTROL CIRCUIT Schematic Circuit Diagram

The PIC16F877A is a 40-pin (DIP) microcontroller which Microchip describes as powerful based on having a 200 nanosecond instruction speed.

I would like to share with you an elevator control circuit that I did in my high school years. I designed the elevator as 4 floors. Each floor has a display that indicates that the elevator is at a distance, the Call button, and the busy led. In the same way, there is a display in the cabin, LEDs indicating the floor, and one button for each floor. PIC16F877 as a microcontroller.

All Cards must be connected to each other cascaded. So each floor does not go from the motherboard to the separate cable. Instead, I did the cables from the motherboard to the 1st Floor card, from the 1st Floor card to the 2nd Floor card. I will connect the card from the 4th-floor card to the card in the cabin. The flexibility of the cable is important for the cab to move comfortably up and down. The cables are pretty much. I recommend that you keep the cables as thin as possible to avoid cable clutter. 🙂

The connection between cards must be in the following order.

The engine that moves the lift up and down can be any low-speed Gearmotor. Two relays are controlled on the main board.

Circuit diagram;

For the high resolution to follow the link below.

Motherboard PCB View

In these pictures, the top view and the PCB image of the cards are found on each floor.

I’ll forget about that. You need to add a magnetic switch ( Reed Switch ) on each floor. The connections of this magnetic switch must be made to the cards on each floor. If you place a small magnet on the cabinet so that it does not obstruct the movement, if the cabin and a mystic switch are facing, our circuit will know which floor is on.

I made the elevator model with MDF.

That’s all I’m going to say. The circuit definitely works. Pay particular attention to the cable connections. A wire soldered to the wrong place can save you hours.

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