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Tutorial 1: Pre-requisites to draw schematic diagram

Tutorial 1: Pre-requisites to draw schematic diagram

What is schematic diagram?

A schematic is a symbolic diagram of a circuit. This method is used to understand or analysis the work of a circuit. Basically schematic is a uncommon computer application, it is used to produce description of circuit for machine readable and use to justify in absolute condition. That will provide the pure formal condition for repenting the circuit. There we define some rule for the circuit and the circuit accurately define. By using this rules and conditions we can make a circuit that are understandable by the machine. But there we are not discussed that how machine can understand the circuit. Here we discussed the suggestions, rules and guidelines for good schematics for the sake of motivation that the circuit communicate with observer and we also discussed pros and cons of this circumstances.

After all a schematic is an information that passes though machine to human. A good schematic dose this clear, quick, accurate, and easy to understand. It is compulsory to define a schematic clean and correctly. If a schematic misguide and mislead the reader or observer then it is not good schematic, after all you may change that schematic and the work correctly. The thing is that your logic is correct but mislead and difficult to understand then still it is not a good schematic.

So What Are All These Schematic Symbols?

basic circuit schematic symbols- Pre-requisites to draw schematic diagram
Basic circuit schematic symbols
Circuit Schematic Symbols1- Pre-requisites to draw schematic diagram
Basic Circuit Schematic Symbols

Here is a little guideline that will show you the fundamental symbols for all types of components. Plus, while you are starting you might have to go through it very often. I ‘ve made a box around the most common symbols in red & yellow, these are the symbols you ought to get to know by heart actually. The others you can usually refer again to the manual for.

Read>> Basic Circuit Schematic Symbols Read>> Hydraulic And Pneumatic Schematic Symbols


Don’t be swamped it’s quite simpler than you think of, just keep calm and stay with me.

Tutorial 1: Pre-requisites to draw schematic diagram
Tutorial 2: Components connectivity and polarity
Tutorial 3: Drawing Schematic symbol
Tutorial 4: Optimizing your circuit schematic diagram


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