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Simple 220 High Voltage LED Driver Circuit Without Transformer

led lamp example- simple 220 high voltage led driver

Here I am going to introduce you to a 220 High Voltage LED Driver Circuit without a transformer. In this project; only 5 LEDs are used. You can specify the number of LEDs according to your requirement. The major plus point of such circuits is that we can reduce the size and cost of the circuit due to the absence of power transformers.

This led driver is a cost-effective solution for providing the best heat elimination and heat dissipation. Led driver with low voltage protection and stable current. In electronics, a driver is a circuit or component used to control another circuit or component, such as a high-power transistor, liquid crystal display etc.

Since we know the effective mechanisms of LEDs as they are inexpensive, cool, efficient and low energy consumption. So, in other sense, we can reduce our current consumption and in turn electricity bill to a large extent. This circuit uses 220/230 V & 50 Hz AC power supply, so be careful while analyzing and solving serious problems of the project. 50 Hertz (Hz) means the rotor of the generator turns 50 cycles per second, the current changes 50 times per second back and forth, direction changes 100 times. That means the voltage changes from positive to negative, and from negative to positive voltage, this process converts 50 times/seconds.

Usually, LEDs work with DC power supplies that is why we need to convert AC power supplies to a stable DC power level before application.

The circuit essentially consists of 5 LEDs, a bridge rectifier and a filter network with a voltage regulator. The bridge rectifier is used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current in form of pulses. It is possible with the help of rectifier diodes (D1 to D4 1N4007).

simple 220 high voltage led driver -Led bulbs exampleThe filtration is performed by use of a capacitor of about 47uF capacitance. It is used to eliminate the ripples/pulses from the rectified current.

After regulation of filtered output by using a Zener diode, the result is almost direct current which is suitable for LEDs.



simple 220 high voltage led driver -230 volts led lamp circuit diagram


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