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  • Jammer Circuits:
  • FM Radio Jammer Circuit Diagram:
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Jammer Circuits:

In the era of analog signal communication, creating an FM Radio Jammer was relatively straightforward, involving the generation of high-frequency noise signals. However, the landscape has evolved significantly with the prevalence of digital devices replacing analog equipment. High-frequency signals alone cannot effectively block these digital signals from reaching the devices, necessitating the use of very high-frequency signals and, consequently, the employment of jammers.

Despite the jammer circuit emitting high-frequency signals that obstruct the receiver of the specific system from receiving the signal, the user of the system may perceive that the circuit is malfunctioning. This method of generating high-frequency signals within a jammer is commonly known as noise, and the circuit itself is referred to as a jammer since it blends the primary signal with the noise signal.

FM Radio Jammer Circuit Diagram:

FM Radio Jammer

FM Jammer Circuit Explanation:

  • The tank circuit, which will produce the high frequency signal, will be made up of the variable capacitor C1 and L1. Because the capacitor C1 is changeable, we may produce different frequencies by modifying the variable capacitor. When the Q1 is turned on, the tank circuit begins to operate and generates a VHF (very high frequency) signal, which jams or creates noise in the original signal, preventing the receiver from receiving it. Even if information is received, the receiver circuit will not be able to use it.
  • The resistors R1 and R2 will act as the biasing circuit and R3 is used for limiting the emitter current in the circuit.


  • This type of circuit is banned in many countries. Use it by your own risk.
  • Capacitor C1 value should be changed for every station for getting the different frequency.
  • Different frequencies can be achieved by changing the values of capacitor and inductor. The formula is F= 1/ (2*pi*sqrt (L*C)).

Applications of Jammer Circuits:

Normally jammers are used in government offices in some countries. But jammers are mainly used by military, navy, air force and entire defense systems. People will not use jammers everywhere, but they use in selected places and highly confidential meetings, gathering etc.


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