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Single Chip FM Radio Circuit

We’re making a Single Chip FM Radio in this project. The TDA7000 digital IC is at the heart of this circuit. Inductors and capacitors of suitable values are used in the design. This circuit is very reliable to some extent because the IC is specialized in building radio circuits.


Using the IC TDA 7000, we’ve created a small, low-cost FM radio circuit. This circuit is built according to the datasheet, and the result is fantastic. Ideal for electronic hobbyists of all types.

The TDA7000 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for mono FM portable radios that require the least amount of peripheral components. A Frequency-Locked-Loop system with an intermediate frequency of 70 kHz is used in the IC TDA 7000. Active RC filters are used to obtain intermediate frequency selectivity.

The resonant circuit for the oscillator, which selects the reception frequency, is the only function that requires alignment. A mute circuit prevents erroneous reception while also filtering out excessively noisy input signals. To meet the radiation standards, special measures are taken.

Single Chip FM Radio Schematic Circuit Diagram with Parts List:

FM Radio Schematic Circuit Diagram


  • Wind 5 turns of 0.6 mm enamelled Copper wire on a 4 mm dia plastic former for L1 and L2.
  • Use a 50mm long insulated copper wire for the antenna.
  • The IC TDA 7000 can handle a supply voltage of up to 10 V.
  • However, I recommend 6V.
  • At the audio output, use an 8 Ohm speaker or headphones.

IC1 : TDA7000 FM Radio IC
IC2 : LM386 Audio Power Amplifier IC
18-pin socket (for TDA7000)
8-pin socket (for LM386) Ceramic capacitors :
0.001 µF (#102 or 1n) x 1 pc
0.01 µF (#103 or 10n) x 1 pc
0.1 µF (#104 or 100n) x 4 pcs
0.0022 µF (#222 or 2n2) x 1 pc
0.0033 µF (#332 or 3n3) x 2 pcs
0.022 µF (#223 or 22n) x 1 pc
150 pF (#151 or 150) x 1 pc
180 pF (#181 or 180) x 2 pcs
220 pF (#221 or 220) x 2 pcs
330 pF (#331 or 330) x 2 pcs
Electrolytic capacitors : (10V min)
220µF or 470µF or 1000µF – x 2 pcs
4.7µF – X 1 pc
10K (or 20K or 22K) (trim pot)

C1 – Ceramic cap (see * schematic)
L1 – Adjustable coil for tuning broadcast stations
10Ω 1/4W or 1/6W – x 1 pc
22K 1/4W or 1/6W – x 1 pc

Miscellaneous items :

2 ft wire (antenna)
8 Ohm dynamic speaker
9V battery snap


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