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Six-way Switch Schematic Circuit Diagram

The 40106 is a versatile CMOS IC containing six Schmitt trigger inverters. It can be used to implement a set of alternating-action switches with hardware contact bounce suppression.

Six-way Switch Schematic Circuit Diagram


Aside from one gate of the IC, all you need for each switch is a pushbutton, a resistor, and two capacitors. It works as follows. The 1 μF capacitor at the output is charged or discharged via a 1 MΩ resistor, depending on the output level of the inverter.

Pressing the button causes the input level of the gate to change, which in turn causes the output level to toggle. The 10 nF capacitor determines the output state after the supply voltage is switched on. You can connect it to the supply voltage rail or the ground rail as required. If you hold the button pressed, the output signal will be a square wave with a frequency determined by the RC time constant, which is approximately 1 second.

You may experiment with the component values if you wish.



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