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Discovery STM32F4 Schematic

Basic introduction of STM32F4 Kit:

The Discovery STM32F4 Schematic kit will allow the user to develop tool or applications easily. The STM32f407 microcontroller is high preformed and with Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) ® Cortex®-M4 32-bit core. In this component everything that experienced or beginner need to develop their application with quick start. Based on the STM32F407VGT6, it includes 2 ST MEMS digital accelerometers, and ST-LINK/V2-A or ST-LINK/V2 embedded debug tool, 1 audio DAC with integrated class D speaker driver, a digital microphone, a UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS OTG micro-AB connector and LEDs and push buttons. This is the basic functionalities of Discovery STM32F4 Schematic. If you want and add additional feature like LCD display, Wi-Fi or Ethernet display and more than contact with (www.st.com/stm32f4dis-expansion).

STM32F4 Schematic

Constraint about Hardware:

The STM32F4 is very user-friendly. It does not was have long list of hardware requirements. Only few things need to start the board is data transvers’s cable, but this cable is little bit quite different. The one side of the cable is contain USB type A and the other side is mini type B. you are thinking that “what’s this”. Don’t worry about it i will show you some images of UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS type A and B at the end of paragraph. After that you only need to connect it with Personal computer. In case mini-B type is already used then you need micro-B cable with type A.

STM32F4 Schematic

 Constraint about Software:

There are several IDE available for developing module like STMicroelectronics’, Eva Boards, system work bench, emIDE and Yagrto

Features of Microcontroller:

Soldered on the board is a STM32F407VG microcontroller packaged in a hundreds pins. Low-profile Quad Flat Pack (LQFP). The ARM Cortex-M4 core is built on microcontroller with Floating Point Unit (FFP).

There are some top features of STM32F4.

  1. Flash Memory about 1 Mega Byte
  2. RAM(Radom Access Memory) 192 kilo Bytes
  1. RC (resistor, capacitor) oscillators
  2. Up to 168 Mega Herat operation
  3. Input and output pins multiplexed with many other Internal Input and output devices.
  6. Ethernet Port
  7. Static memory controller
  8. Light crystal display parallel interface

Built-in Debugging and Programming:

In this board there is using ST-link. ST-link is microelectronic Universal Serial Bus Jtag IDE that helps in debugging and programming on the micro-controller. There are some other tools available in the internet. I already discuss in the above paragraphs.

Input output Interface Devices

In this board there are four LED that is control by the programmer and there are two push buttons on this board. One is control by the user and the other one is reset button. They reset the NRST pin of this microcontroller.

Output in Audio:

The other feature of board use can give output by speakers and headphone. This board use Audio MEMS and DAC microphone for the output on speakers.

Universal Serial Bus this board is using Universal Serial Bus type Micro –B to connect with the Personal Computer

Sensors for Motion:

There is there dimension linear accelerometer built-in on the board.

PIN Headers:

All the input and output pins that used in STM32F407VG are connect in the Headers pin. There are two rows and each row have 25 pins. According to this there are total 50 pin that are used for communication point. Mostly header is located on left and right side of board along the length of the board. The pin names and printed on the headers. The pin headers protrude from the top of the board allowing easy attachment of oscilloscope or logic analyzer test probes.

STM32F4 Schematic


There are two remote control oscillators are used in this boards to produce the frequencies.  The most common oscillator produced 8 mega hearts. Therefore we are using this board, those who used 32.768 kilo Hearts that is not adjustable.


Solder Bridges:

Other feature of this board is you can easily make or break the connection by the solder bridge. You can easily DE soldered to open and solder closed to break the connections.

Current Measurement:

You can easily check or measured the consumed by the microcontroller by Ammeter. Ammeter is a device that used to measure the current. On this board there are jumper link available that allow us to measure current.

Electrical Schematics:

STM32F4 Schematic
STM32F4 Schematic




we can download the boot-load of STM32f4 form the official web site of discovery  kit. The URL is (stm32-boot-loader)

Demo Video:

How to buy:

You can buy easily for online shopping site. Few are mention below:


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