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TP4056 Schematic Micro-USB Battery Charger Circuit Diagram

Introduction to TP4056 Schematic :

TP4056 Schematic is a fully linear (constant current/constant voltage) charger for a single cell Li-ion/LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries. Its low external component count and small outline package make it perfect for portable applications. Additionally, TP4056 is compatible with a micro USB as well as an adapter. Moreover, it also has features like an Automatic recharger, under-voltage lockout, current monitor, and two LEDs for indication of charging mode and termination signal. TP4056 schematic circuit diagram is here

TP4056 module schematic diagram


Unlike ordinary Nickel-cadmium battery that has 1.2V /cell, LiPo battery cells are graded as 3.7V per cell. This enables us to make a rich power bank by using fewer cells. Normally two or more cells are connected in series however in big RC modules this number increases to 6 cells pre-pack.

How to charge a TP4056-LiPo battery?

Charging a LiPo battery requires a special charger precisely designed for Li- chemistry. However, assembling of Lithium-ion battery charger using TP4056 IC is not an easy task for a normal person having low SMD embedding practice.  But don’t worry, for such persons an alternative solution is that, just buy the prepared module from eBay and hack it to complete the module.


For potential charging of a 3.7V Li-ion battery, it must be charged at a continuous current of 0.2 -0.7 times the cell’s capacity, until its voltage becomes 4.2 V. after that it should be charged at continuous voltage mode until it the charge current drop to 10 percent of its preliminary charge rate. Charging can’t be terminated at 4.2 volts b/c at this voltage only 40 to 70% of full capacity is reached. TP4056 is responsible for all of this.

Features of TP4056 Charger:

  • Up to 1000mA Programmable charging current
  • Doesn’t require a blocking diode
  • Completely linear charger in small outline package for single-cell Li-ion battery
  • Constant voltage and Current
  • Recharges the battery through the USB port
  • PreSet 4.2 volt charging voltage
  • Automatically recharging ability
  • Termination charge =C/10
  • It is ideal for DIY applications.

How to use the TP4056 module?

  • For power, you will give a micro USB connection to IN- and IN+ pads of the module as shown below
  • To charge the cell connect it to the B- and B+ pads of the TP4056 module
  • The load will be connected to the Out + & out – pads of the module.
  • During charging disconnect the load
  • The glowing red LED shows that charging is under process whereas the green LED is on when charging completes.
  • Never try to charge the LiPo battery at a rate above 1C.

TP4056 module Specifications:

  • Input voltage = 5V (-0.3  ̴  8V)
  • Complete charging voltage= 4.2V
  • Charge current (by default) = 1A. However, this value can be changed by changing the different value resistors at the left bottom corner of the board besides the IN-pad. A table of matching values for Rprog and battery current IBAT is available in the TP4056 datasheet at the end of the article

Schematic Circuit Diagram

TP4056 module applications:

  • GPS, PDA (personal digital assistant), Cell phones
  • Charging Cradles and Docks
  • Portable devices like Digital Cameras
  • Chargers, USB bus hubs

 TP4056 Datasheet



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