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UPS Schematic Circuit Diagram DC to AC

What is UPS and Its application?

An inverter or UPS is a device that typically provide power backup in emergency  to a device or load, when normal electricity power source is down. UPS is an abbreviation of Uninterruptible Power Supply / Source. UPS Schematic circuit diagram DC-AC is below (Figure UPS) showed.

It differs from from generator or other power backup systems, As it provides almost immediate protection and provide quick backup energy available in the connected batteries, flywheels, super capacitors. The backup time of the batteries of most UPS or inverters is relatively short (in minutes), but enough to start a proper backup power source or to turn-off the protected device / equipment for safety. An inverter is to regularly back up equipment, like computers, server farms, telecom installations or other electrical transmission where incredible power outage could result injury, death, actual business interruption or loss of information.

UPS varies from unit size for a single PC without monitor to ensure (VA 200 rating) to larger units, which provides the whole data-centers or buildings with electricity. The biggest UPS in the world in the world that has rated power backup of 46 megawatts electrical storage (BESS) is Alaska in Fairbanks, , provides the whole city & neighboring communities during a power outage.

Typical example of UPS for Power Backups
Typical example of UPS for Power Backups

This under given inverter allows the use of 230V electricity from a car battery or a solar battery rated with 12volts. Ideal output of the ups should be RMS 230 volts with sign wave and frequency of 50Hz. The advantage of sinusoidal voltages is the soft and slow escalation of volts which reduces adverse effects on motors, interference on radio equipment and current surge to the capacitors. Under given inverter provides backup up to 3000 VA, from 12 volts, outputs modified sinus-wave.

UPS power mainly depends on 2 factors, i) Transformer wattage ii)Power Driver (transistor array, or Fets), backup timing of any inverter depends on battery capacity and output power usage.

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UPS Schematic Circuit Diagram DC to AC:

UPS Schematic Circuit Diagram dc to ac
UPS Schematic Circuit Diagram – 3kva – 3000 watts 12 volts dc to 230 ac

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