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Whistler: Electronic Trainer/Coach Schematic Circuit Diagram

This device makes it possible to generate beeps at chosen regular time intervals for timing track race training. Each time interval is indicated by a beep, and the end of a performance test is indicated by a double beep. Two types of test are allowed:

Whistler Electronic Trainer Coach Schematic Circuit Diagram

Test Cycles and Intervals in Tests 1–4

Tests 1–4 are structured with a specific number of cycles, each comprising two phases: a running period followed by a rest period. For example, test 1 consists of six cycles, with each cycle having a 15-second running period followed by a 15-second rest period.

Adjustable and Preset Values in Tests 1–4

The first three tests feature predefined values, whereas test 4 offers full adjustability. In contrast, Test 5 focuses on determining Maximum Aerobic Speed (MAS) by instructing the athlete to run in 2-minute intervals at increasing speeds. The distance between markers can be either 20 meters or 25 meters, depending on your preference. You have the flexibility to select both the initial and maximum speed values for this test. Every 2 minutes, the speed increases by 1 km/h. Within a constant two-minute timeframe, the challenge lies in running more lengths in a shorter time. The MAS signifies the highest speed the athlete can achieve without slowing down.

Simple Circuit Components and Operation

The circuit is remarkably straightforward and comprises a microcontroller, five buttons, a 2-line × 16-character display, an LED, and a sounder. A quartz crystal is essential to provide an accurate timebase.

System Operation and Control

Upon powering on, the system remains in a halted state. Activating the system is achieved by pressing the Run/Pause button, which illuminates the LED. Pressing the same button again places the system in Pause mode, permitting the continuation of a training session without losing current values. Alternatively, a final stop can be initiated by pressing the Escape button, resetting the values for the ongoing training session.

Software and Additional Resources

The software, including the BASIC source and HEX file, as well as the pre-programmed microcontroller and a comprehensive, well-illustrated manual (available only in French), can be obtained from [1].

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MAS can be simply defined as the lowest running velocity at which maximal oxygen uptake occurs (vVO2Max) and was devised as a means to assess the aerobic capacities and requirements of running performance.

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